Alexander Johannes

weaving Patterns, vis à vis with Hannah Mulqueen

Weaving is the practice of condensing intersecting lines into a homogeneous surface. Whereas, you can create elaborate ornamental patterns using yarns of different colors, textures, materials, and so on, any irregularity in the weaving pattern will be immediately apparent to our eyes.

On a TV-screen we find a similar concept in the array of pixels. Although, very different in materiality we can observe the same phenomenon of detecting incoherent sequences in their rhythms which we call glitches.
Hannah Mulqueen is interested in exactly this analogy between the textile and the digital grids of webs exploring how they relate to a deeper psychological pattern of our perception of reality.

We developed an experimental installation exhibiting webs, glitches, and patterns in space and time as we went about that week.

Hannah Mulqueen

Friday 25.08.2023
from 4pm

25.08. – 27.08.2023