Alexander Johannes Heil

Home Gallery

Here you will soon be able to brows all the past exhibitions which took place at the Home Gallery. Exhibiting artists were Cathleen Owens, Luis Alonso Sánchez, Davide Ghelli Santuliana, Katherina Heil, Rik Möhlmann, and Jan Hijben.

Please Note: This website is still under construction. Some areas might not be accessible yet.

Feedback Loop, vis à vis with Cathleen Owens

18.02.2023 – 11.03.2023

Improv Night, with Lieze De Middelier


Annual Post-Annual, the annual group show

20.01.2023 – 02.02.2023

Game Over, vis à vis with Luis Alonso Sánchez

19.11.2022 – 18.12.2022

The Shark of My Dreams, vis à vis with Davide Ghelli Santuliana

02.09.2022 – 02.10.2022

We Are Sitting In A Room, Drawing, Until The Walls Are Full, vis à vis with Katherina Heil & Rik Möhlmann

02.09.2022 – 02.10.2022

Werkschau 2/22, open studio Alexander Johannes Heil

05.05.2022 – 22.05.2022

Magrathea, vis à vis with Jan Huijben

24.03.2022 – 01.05.2022

Werkschau 1/22, open studio Alexander Johannes Heil

01.02.2022 – 06.03.2022