Alexander Johannes Heil

vis à vis with
The Cabinet Of Curiosities

Thursday and Friday
31,08 & 01.09.2923
from 2 PM – 8 PM

Dear Everyone,

Last Friday, we celebrated the 13th opening at The Home Gallery since we opened in February 2022, and since 13 is a number of LUCK 🌱, we thought of something special for the next event.

As some of you know, every artist who exhibits at the Home Gallery, leaves an artwork behind for our Cabinet Of Curiosities – the shelf in the entrance way of the Home Gallery.

In this event we want to appreciate these works and warmly invite you to our first
POP UP ART MARKET – The Art Of The Deal!

The Cabinet Of Curiosities is an Art Shop to sustain the Home Gallery as we are an independent project space for experimentation and cherish the pure joy of making art.

With the Cabinet Of Curiosities we want to offer the opportunity to buy a piece of art from artists at various stages in their carrier. Many of the artworks you wouldn’t normally get for that Deal!

With this event we want to send out a big THANK YOU! To all the Artists and Art-Lovers who believed in the Home Gallery and contributed to the project!

We warmly invite you to pass by this Thursday and Friday to browse the artworks of the Home Gallery Artists, and we hope you will find your Happy Deal …
Or just come by, say hello, and have a coffee or drink at our new HG Bar.

Wishing you a beautiful week and looking forward to seeing you on Thursday or Friday,
The Home Gallery Den Haag

PS: Throughout the coming days, we will post some of the artworks on our instagram. Stay tuned: HG INSTAGRAM

The Art Of The Deal, Pop Up Art Market
Thursday & Friday, August 31th – September 1st
From 2 PM till 8 PM
With artworks by: Jan Huijben, Rik Möhlmann, Katherina Heil, Davide Ghelli Santuliana, Luis Alonso Sánchez, Lieze De Middelier, Cathleen Owens, Maria Chiara Ziosi, Farzané Nouri, and Hannah Mulqueen.

DM for location and directions …because you know:
the Home Gallery is also a home 😉