Alexander Johannes

Annual Post-Annual 2024

The Annual Post-Annual is the annual exhibition and New Years Borrel with works from all the artists who exhibited at the Home Gallery during the last year. The Annual Post-Annual takes place in January and inaugurates the new season at the Home Gallery.

I understand my role as a curator as a collagist, who’s task it is to combine objects of any media from one or many artists into one coherent aesthetic composition.

Thoughts as an alternative to Themes and Topics

“…then we will win all the friends we could ever dream of.”

Cathleen Owens, History of scroll, 2024

As we are people growing in our bodies, we are also metaphysical beings growing in our minds. However, while we make progress and experiences throughout our lives, we remain who we are. As the persons we are and urge to become, we “grow” inside our bodies. As we go along that way of life, the childish naiveté stays with us.

You are still the child you were, when you where a child. Nothing Has changed, or has it?

Nobody Knows… but you.

With works by:
Cathleen Owens, Maria Chiara Ziosi, Lieze De Midelleir , and Alexander Johannes Heil

Friday 26.01.2024
4 PM – 7 PM

26.01.2024 – 28.01.2024

Lieze De Middeleir, Memory Boxes, 2024
plaster, photo-prints, soap, fabric.
Maria Chiara Ziosi, I Am Crying Images I Never Think Of, 2024
readymade drawing from colouring book, wax, metal.
Alexander Johannes Heil, Muffled Merry Memory, 2024
ready made carpet, metal, speaker, field recording.
Cathleen Owens, History of Scroll, 2024
text, video.