Alexander Johannes

Other Forms Of Understandings , vis à vis with Farzané Nouri

In the haze of summer’s languid eve,
Where sultry air does shimmer and deceive,
Upon a window sill, a dance unfolds,
Flickering lights, like stories yet untold.

Those flickering lights, a transient ballet,
In hues of gold and amber, they would sway,
As fireflies, with secrets they would keep,
Illuminate the darkness, where dreams sleep.

The whispers of the night caress the air,
As cigarettes burn low, their embers flare,
Those lights, like verses strewn across the sky,
Paint tales of love and loss, of truth and lie.

Through cracked glass, a world of sorrows seen,
The naked truth, unfiltered and unclean,
But in each flicker, hope begins to rise,
A phoenix from the ashes, soaring skies.

For you know well the human plight,
The struggle, pain, the fight for love’s respite,
Yet still, you find beauty in life’s decay,
And on that window sill, it’s on display.

ChatGPT, The Hague, 2023

About Farzaneh
Farzaneh Nouri is a musician, researcher, and sound artist based in the Netherlands. Interested in experimental approaches to sound, science, and technology, she explores various disciplines such as electroacoustic music composition, computer science, cybernetics, acoustic ecology, and linguistics. As tools in her artistic practice, she uses creative coding, field recording, live electronics, as well as acoustic and programmable instruments. Her recent pieces investigate complex systems, natural algorithms, and human-machine interaction. Farzaneh composes for live performances, interactive installations, films, VR, and multi-sensory experiences. Her current research focuses on artificial intelligence methods in the framework of live electroacoustic music improvisation.

Saturday 27.05.2023
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