Alexander Johannes Heil


I have a small gallery within my home. Exhibitions of befriended artists take place here in an intimate atmosphere. Now and then, I will give insight into my artistic process. The Home Gallery is a room approx. 5m x 3m x 3m in dimension. It has a rustic look with an untreated wooden floor, white painted walls and ceiling. A special feature is the refurbished window-frame from where you are facing the street on ground level. The Home Gallery is equipped with two gallery spot lights and a number of materials and technical equipment to be used by the exhibiting artists.
The Home Gallery is open for proposals. The concept here is that I create an installation or exhibition setup inspired by the invited artist’s work, and the invitees react to the space I created. I call this concept vis à vis. With this exhibition concept the Home Gallery aims to create a deeper understanding of another artists work. By engaging in a practical way, namely the creation of an installation the artists engage in a hands on dialogue and bring together different artistic practices. Therefore, the vis à vis are meant to bring joy through exchange and the oppertunity to learn from each other intellectually and technically. The vis à vis take turns with presentations of Alexander’s personal artistic process throughout the program of the Home Gallery.

Exhibiting at the Home Gallery

The Home Gallery features 3 different exhibition formats: