Alexander Johannes

Game Over, vis à vis with Luis Alonso Sánchez

In Luis Alonso Sánchez’s paintings tar, material from the boarder between the United States of America and Mexico, sand and other substances from his birthplace the border town of Tijuana come together in linear gestures, expression of locomotion, as well as motion of the body through space and terrain.

A package arrives at my house. I just came out of the shower. The DHL postal worker hands me the package and we laugh as I am just wearing a towel. Now the package is standing in the middle of my gallery for a week or so – untouched but not unregarded.

I am thinking: “What is all the fuss about – about this border between Mexico and the U.S.? As I know from conversations with Luis, people are crossing the border to the U.S. regularly – to work or to buy things. This package, which is now standing in front of me, took almost less than a week to arrive here. Where is this boarder everyone is so hysterical about?”

The exhibited work is an installation by artist and curator Alexander Johannes Heil. It is made with a series of untitled paintings by Luis Alonso Sánchez. Alexander received these paintings in a package from Tijuana, Mexico the hometown of Luis. Through shipping and customs the content of the package was partially destroyed which inspired this form of display. The paintings contain debris from the Mexican/U.S.-American border which divides the greater urban landscape of San Diego and Tijuana.

Saturday 19.11.2022
From 2 PM

19.11.2022 – 18.12.2022

Reading from the Schwellenatlas (German: Threshold Atlas) by Arch+, discursive journal for architecture and urbanism.
With Alexander Johannes Heil
4 PM

Artist Talk (online)
With Luis Alonso Sánchez, José Múzquiz & Alexander Johannes Heil
9 AM Tijuana, 11 AM Mexico City, 6 PM The Hague