Alexander Johannes

The Shark of My Dreams, vis à vis with Davide Ghelli Santuliana

A stranger came to me; he wanted to make an exhibition about the shark!

In his work, Davide Ghelli Santuliana explores the figure of the shark as a metaphor of the ruthless businessman, but also as a cultural signifier carrying meanings such as death or terror. The project explores the visual and linguistic landscape associated in particular with the creative entrepreneur, a figure that joins together the individualistic spirit of the entrepreneur with the humanist heritage of the male “genius” artist. Burdened by the task of becoming successful and make a name for himself, the creative entrepreneur represents the paradoxes of a neo-liberal economy where existential precariousness is the norm.

During the exhibition period Davide entertained us on various occasions with his Shark Based Tarot. A sort of tarot reading developed by the artist himself, using a shark card deck which he discovered in a little shop in Verona, Italy.

Friday 02.09.2022
4 PM – 7 PM

02.09.2022 – 02.10.2022