Tidal Oscillation Wave

Tidal Oscillation Curve

Tidal Oscillation Wave

Installation & Performance
wooden sticks, PA-speakers, fog-machine, environmental sounds, digital line drawing
dimensions: ca. 600cm x 600cm
duration: 20 min.

Tidal Oscillation Wave was a site-specific performance, using the structure and functionality of the space. During a live sound-performance with sounds derived from a print, and generated environmental sounds such as wind and waves the space was slowly overflown by a layer of fog. The performance poetically contrasts our human approach to space with my vision of floating space – Substanzraum. The fixed positions of the homogeneous grid of sticks contrasts with the space as it actually is visualised by the fog: ‘Free floating and in constant transition and transformation’. The installation was inspired by aesthetics of land survey methods.

During the sound-performance of ‘Tidal Oscillation Wave’ the floor is slowly overflown by a layer of fog. The soundscape is derived from the ‘Tidal Oscillation Curve’ by means of hand-copying the curves from a screen onto parchment paper and then manually drawn into a waveform modulation program. The result is heartbeat like sub-frequencies and wind and wave like sounds. As the concluding part of the performance this print was revealed, by opening one of the blinds a crack so that a ray of sunlight almost precisely overlays the print.

Tidal Oscillation Curve (detail)

Digital Line Drawing
ink jet print on paper, cardboard roll
dimensions: 110cm x 500cm

This work is a digital drawing created from data, collected during my project ‘Going to the Beach as Artistic Research Practice’ (2019). For 3 months, I went to the beach every day, measuring air humidity, pressure and density, decibel, light, temperature, wind speed and direction, counted people and steps to the shore, and documented the intensity of the rain. The data was collected at the borderline between land, ocean, and atmosphere. It is a true representation of my global concept of Substanzraum, the space of substance, and depicts space as it is, in constant flux and change.