Alexander Johannes Heil
Artist and Architectural Designer

2012 -2017

B.Sc. Architecture
Faculty of Architecture, Technical University Berlin

2018 – 2020

M.Mus. ArtScience
ArtScience Interfaculty (Royal Conservatory / Royal Academy of Art, The Hague)

Alexander Johannes Heil explores the phenomenology and poetics of natural and architectural spaces in order to establish alternative relationships to them and reshape our perception of the environment.

He does this by repeatedly visiting specific spaces and places, making precise observations and studying the relevant literature. He takes a purely intuitive approach to his observations, guided by his subjective curiosity and accompanied by free association. In this way, he discovers details, phenomena, and analogies, that others would simply overlook. These findings inspire him to reflect on the relationship between these two spheres of our world, one of which magically emerges and the other being constructed. In this way, he aims to inspire rather than explain, appealing to the viewer’s imagination as an alternative branch to knowledge production. 

Working with installation, model, sculpture, photography, sound, and video; Heil is collaging his observations, his findings, architectural theory, philosophy, science, and fiction into poetic expressions of personal experiences.