Alexander Johannes Heil
Artist and Architectural Designer
based in The Hague, NL


*Hamburg Germany

2012 -2020

Faculty of Architecture, Technical University Berlin

2018 – 2020

ArtScience Interfaculty, Royal Conservatory / Royal Academy of Art, The Hague

I imagine myself in a metaphysical space. This space has no fixed dimensions. It exists and it does not exist. On the one hand, the sphere of architecture, On the other hand, the sphere of nature. They are engaged in dialogue – I listen to them.

I explore natural and architectural spaces, observe natural and architectural phenomena, and find analogies between typologies of these natural and architectural entities. They inspire me to think poetically about the relations between these two spheres of our world, whereby one magically emerges and the other is constructed.

In my installations, performances, sculptures, and sound-works, I experiment with ecological and technological concepts. Some of the most commonly used tools for my explorations are walking, free association, and the camera to document my observations. I draw inspiration from the natural and man-made landscapes that surround me, “collaging” architectural theory, philosophy, science, and fiction into poetic expressions of personal experience.
In my artistic vision there are no borders between spaces; only transition zones. Therefore, human and non-human structures, as well as natural formations of space are ultimately connected, namely by space itself.