Il Momento Metafisico

Formal Dialectics of Nature and Architecture

Il Momento Metafisico

Photographies of nature and architecture
dimensions: variable
duration: 52 sec. on loop

In this work, I explore natural and architectural spaces, observe natural and architectural phenomena, and find analogies between typologies of these natural and architectural entities. They inspire me to think poetically about the relations between these two spheres of our world, whereby one magically emerges and the other is constructed.

“During my journey through the world, I never make categorisations of what is looked at. I always look at all buildings, pillars, spaces, vaults, caves, columns, mountains, stumps, trunks, hills, and heaps with the same attention and the same sincerity.
All these things arouse my interest in the same spontaneous, impulsive way. As I look at things with constant indifference, I do not give them any definitions and no truth about what they are. I just look; and in result I can concentrate on how they are – the things I look at. I stay with them in that moment of enduring the being. It is a kind of looking at things which maybe be described as a mixture of platonic excitement and a stoicism in the sense of an Democritus, without the amazement about seemingly extraordinary things. A kind of indifferent amazement about both; the ordinary as well as the extraordinary.”

(From my essay Metaphysics of Architecture, Experiences of an Architecture Student, Berlin 2017)