Abwicklung Nr.3

from the project ‘The Architecture of the Forest

Abwicklung Nr.3 
Ink jet print on paper
dimensions: 110cm x 500cm

Abwicklung Nr.3 (German: Unrolling No.3) was created during my current project The Architecture Of The Forest. It is a phenomenological investigation of the forest and its formal qualities, as well as their analogies with writing and architecture. However, a more detailed description would go beyond the scope of this work.
The work was developed from a found object from the forest. A small animal has carved traces into a soft wood in its own formal language. The resulting animal ornament was transferred to masking tape using carbon paper, similar to the way archaeological finds are handled, resulting in a series of unfoldings. One of these was chosen to produce this work. I see it as a product of the interaction of nature, man and technology. The abstract image, which is remotely reminiscent of an urban planning black plan, is based on the work of the unknown little animal.

Photo collage in space with actual dimensions (The Print was not yet exhibited)

The original found object from which the Abwicklung Nr.3 was taken