Introduction To Substanzraum


Geo-located Audio Walk
Location: Westduinpark, The Hague, The Netherlands
Narration: Mabel Calvert Verbruggen
Duration: ca. 45min

Substanzraum (German for: space of substance) is a new approach to global space. This slightly surreal audio walk introduces you to my philosophy about the relations between space and matter on our planet, using the Westduinpark on the Coast of The Netherlands as a model space. The audio piece you will hear is composed from a mixture of synthetic and recorded environmental sounds. These sounds blend with the actual sounds of your surroundings and evoke confusions which eventually emphasise the latter. Narrated text fragments accompany this geo-located audio walk.
To do the audio walk you need a map. This is either available as a physical handmade folding map (contact me) or a digital map which can be download on the Echoes/Stroom Den Haag website (please follow link below).

You can enter the audio walk by downloading the echoes app and traveling to Westduinpark, The Hague, The Netherlands. For further information please visit:
SubstanzWalk on App