New Horizons

New Horizons


various dimensions

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I don’t think we can get rid of technology at this point. I used technology while writing these lines and later when I sent my proposal to you via your application form, linking to my Instagram profile, website, and video material on Vimeo. I don’t criticize technology at this point in history. Furthermore, I think that the ultimate merge of us with technology has yet to arrive – and will arrive. Many people will suffer under a system of total control through technology beyond the greatest fears we all share today. It will be a historical process, which will be tough. However, we probably will have to go through this as humanity. The world is not in our hands, and we will not change the course of history, as we have thought earlier. The fate of this planet is not in the hands of a few or small groups of individuals sharing the same interests either. The future will be directed by 8 billion – and counting – individuals, with their 8 billion individual personalities, worries, hopes, problems, and agendas. However, technology will remain an accompanying factor in this process, just like all other interrelated aspects of the physical and spiritual world. 

But beyond, the rise, the excess, and – most probably – the rupture of total technologisation might lie a future of symbioses with the world through knowledge, where we do not require technology to engage with the world.”