Alexander Johannes Heil
M.Mus. ArtScience, B.Sc. Architecture


Panorama Class

The World is your panorama. The Panorama Class is a teaching / research project. On the basis of literature, documentaries, and of course visits at the panorama as well as excursions into the landscape, we discuss the art medium panorama theoretically and practically: in form of creative experiments. I, together with my students, explore the panorama as an art form and medium, as well as a phenomenological concept that can be translated from the original vision-based approach into artistic approaches towards other receptors of our bodily sensory system like sound, smell, touch, and so on. We experience and discuss the panorama and make practical experiments to create our own interpretations. We go on excursions to visit the Panorama Mesdag and the beach of The Hague to explore 'our gaze as a panorama by itself' (Merleau-Ponty) and gather inspiration in the landscape of the dunes and the shore. During this day, we have the time and space to get to know each other better, talk about the panorama, landscape, and our experiences in an informal environment. Within this workshop, we want to playfully explore this comparatively young art form* and find potential translations into other artistic media. We ask and discuss questions like: Where did the panorama go, where is it today? What is a panorama and what is not a panorama, and why? The workshop aims at people who want to dive into a history of artworks where the viewer, through his bodily presence, is involved in the emergence of the perceptual phenomena of the works.

*first panorama: View of the Fleet at Spithead, London, inaugurated 1794

Theresa Hajek
Student Experiment from a Workshop at the Royal Academy of Art The Hague.
video projection with wearable paper screens and 4ch (2-stereo) field recording.

Photography: Ecaterina Grigoriev


• introductory text
• introductory lecture
• seminar
• excursion
• practical experiments


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I aim to adjust my workshops according to the needs of my prospective participants and the resources of the institution to provide substantial content and an enjoyable experience.

Upcoming Workshops

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Past Workshops

at Inside Architecture Department KABK
The Hague, NL
October 11th, 2022.
one-day workshop
Open to first year students of the Inside Architecture Department of the Royal Academy of Art.

at ArtScience Interfaculty
The Hague, NL
October 25-29 2021
One-week workshop at the ArtScience Interfaculty
Open to students of the departments ArtScience, Sonology, and Composition (CASS) of the Royal Academy of Art and the Royal Conservatory.

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