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M.Mus. ArtScience, B.Sc. Architecture


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I have a small gallery within my home. Exhibitions of befriended artists take place here in an intimate atmosphere. Now and then, I will give insight into my artistic process. The home gallery is a room approx. 5m x 3m x 3m in dimension. It has a rustic look with an untreated wooden floor, white painted walls and ceiling. A special feature is the refurbished window-frame from where you are facing the street on ground level. The home gallery is equipped with two gallery spot lights and a number of materials and technical equipment to be used by the exhibiting artists.
My home gallery is open for proposals. The concept here is that I create an installation or exhibition setup inspired by the invited artist’s work, and the invitees react to the space I created. I call this concept vis à vis. With this exhibition concept the home gallery aims to create a deeper understanding of another artists work. By engaging in a practical way, namely the creation of an installation the artists engage in a hands on dialogue and bring together different artistic practices. Therefore, the vis à vis are meant to bring joy through exchange and the oppertunity to learn from each other intellectually and technically. The vis à vis take turns with presentations of Alexander’s personal artistic process throughout the program of the home gallery.

home gallery
Heesterbuurt, The Hague, NL
Visits by appointment

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Next Exhibition

Feedback Loop, vis à vis with Cathleen Owens

Some people say: “The artwork is inseparable from the artist”.

In the case of Cathleen Owens this dictum is not only true by evident but concept. In her performative video works she applies linguistic variations such as change of pronunciation, color of tone, and emotional transmissions to such dictums, hearsay, platitudes, and ‘old wife tales’ we all know too good.
In her pursuit to counteract her and our super-ego or conscience, it is sometimes lost what came first: Her art practice or the doubts about it?

What we can say with certainty is that her messages are more than mere repetitions of mantras on how to do or not to do things, namely a mirror for a society stuck in a feedback loop.

Feedback Loop, vis à vis with Cathleen Owens
Saturday 18.02.2023
from 4pm

18.02. - 11.03.2023
Tuesday till Saturday by appointment

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Explore the Cabinet of Curiosities
During every break in the program you are welcome to visit the cabinet of curiosities.

There are things to discover, things to take away and art to purchase starting from 5€. Come by and explore. Maybe you'll find something you can hold dear for a long while.
With your purchase from the cabinet of curiosities you support the home gallery in its early state and the artists exhibiting here. As always, since the home gallery is also a private home, please DM before your visit :)

Past Exhibitions and Events

• 09/02/23
IMPROV NIGHT #1 with Lieze De Middeleir

At Improv Nights artists from all disciplines are invited to present unfinished work to an audience in an intimate atmosphere. This time we will welcome Lieze De Middelier :

“In October 22, I traveled to Israel and Palestine. I took some sculptures with me. All these sculptures are pieces of skin of models. Casts of their beautiful skin, but also from traces that clothes leave in our bodies. Those pieces of skin traveled with me trough Palestine and Israel.”

Lieze is a sculptor with a special interest in the human body. In her recent process she introduces photography to re-contextualise her casted skin fragments - a medium which is completely new in her work. On this evening she will ‘test-present’ a new series of works to us. Please feel warmly welcome to come by, have a drink, and give Lieze some feedback on her form of presentation.

• 20/01/23 - 02/02/23

With works by:
Jan Huijben, Katherina Heil, Rik Möhlmann, Davide Ghelli Santuliana, Luis Alonso Sánchez & Alexander Johannes Heil

The Annual Post-Annual is the annual exhibition and New Years Borrel with works from all the artists who exhibited at the Home Gallery during the last year. The Annual Post-Annual takes place in January and inaugurates the new season at the Home Gallery.

I understand my role as a curator as a collagist, who’s task it is to combine objects of any media from one or many artists into one coherent aesthetic composition.

Curating this exhibition was special to me. In contrast to the Vis à Vis’, in which I engage in a creative dialogue with one artist, this exhibition is a group show. Therefore, intersections, crossovers, and analogies between the works had to be found. Fortunately, the artists made it easy for me and I deeply thank them for entrusting me - once again - with their work and let me interfere. To create the installation you will see on Friday, was a great experience and a lot of fun.

• 19/11/22 - 18/12/22
Vis à vis with Luis Alonso Sánchez, GAME OVER.

In Luis Alonso Sánchez's paintings tar, material from the boarder between the United States of America and Mexico, sand and other substances from his birthplace the border town of Tijuana come together in linear gestures, expression of locomotion, as well as motion of the body through space and terrain.

A package arrives at my house. I just came out of the shower. The DHL postal worker hands me the package and we laugh as I am just wearing a towel. Now the package is standing in the middle of my gallery for a week or so - untouched but not unregarded.

I am thinking: "What is all the fuss about - about this border between Mexico and the U.S.? As I know from conversations with Luis, people are crossing the border to the U.S. regularly - to work or to buy things. This package, which is now standing in front of me, took almost less than a week to arrive here. Where is this boarder everyone is so hysterical about?"

The exhibited work is an installation by artist and curator Alexander Johannes Heil. It is made with a series of untitled paintings by Luis Alonso Sánchez. Alexander received these paintings in a package from Tijuana, Mexico the hometown of Luis. Through shipping and customs the content of the package was partially destroyed which inspired this form of display. The paintings contain debris from the Mexican/U.S.-American border which divides the greater urban landscape of San Diego and Tijuana.

• 2/9/22 - 2/10/22
Vis à vis with Davide Ghelli Santuliana, The Shark Of My Dreams.

"A stranger came to me; he wanted to make an exhibition about the shark!"

In his work, Davide Ghelli Santuliana explores the figure of the shark as a metaphor of the ruthless businessman, but also as a cultural signifier carrying meanings such as death or terror. The project explores the visual and linguistic landscape associated in particular with the creative entrepreneur, a figure that joins together the individualistic spirit of the entrepreneur with the humanist heritage of the male “genius” artist. Burdened by the task of becoming successful and make a name for himself, the creative entrepreneur represents the paradoxes of a neo-liberal economy where existential precariousness is the norm.

During the exhibition period Davide entertained us on various occasions with his Shark Based Tarot. A sort of tarot reading developed by the artist himself, using a shark card deck which he discovered in a little shop in Verona, Italy.

• 24/6/22 - 23/7/22
Vis à vis with Katherina Heil and Rik Möhlmann, We are just sitting in a room, drawing, until the walls are full.

'We were just sitting in a room, drawing, until the walls are full.' ... and we were not just sitting in a room, drawing, until the walls are full... while constantly drawing and sticking the works to the walls we create a thin film. The architecture in which we are working will vanish soon. With this project and its transgression into the digital space, this room will somehow outlast the 'sloop' (dutch: demolition) of the whole building block which is a monument of modern Dutch communal architecture.
The photogrammetry we will create can be seen as a thin imprint - a ghost - of what was here until it itself will disappear.
Stay tuned...

• 5/5/22 - 22/5/22
Alexander Johannes Heil, Werkschau 02/22, The Architecture of the Forest - Photographies.

The project The Architecture of the Forest, is an endeavour to reveal analogies between phenomena of architecture, scripture, and the forest. On view were a selection of photographs taken between 2020 and 2022 in a nature park in the north of germany.
The prints from the exhibition are still for sale. There will be coming an exhibition catalogue. If you already discover a photography you like please contact me via DM or e-mail.

• 24/3/22 - 1/5/22
MAGRATHEA, vis à vis with Jan Huijben.

view exhibition catalogue

• 1/2/22 - 6/3/22
Alexander Johannes Heil, Werkschau 01/22, The Architecture of the Forest - Nightingale.

In the exhibition, Werkschau 01/22, Alexander Johannes Heil is showcasing works and fragments related to his project "The Architecture of the City, the Architecture of the Forest". Here he investigate subtle analogies between the two spaces in a poetic manner. On display, is his installation Nightingale, A Collage of Subtle Feelings. Through photographs, sound, natural and artificial elements, he explores a subtle feeling, which he suspect leads to a connection between the city, architecture, scripture, and the forest.

My home gallery is open for proposals. The concept here is that I create an installation or exhibition setup inspired by the invited artist's work, and the invitees react to the space I created. I call this concept vis à vis. Please feel free to send me your portfolio via

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