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Geo located audio walk in The Hague.

SubstanzWalk is a geo-located audio walk situated in the dunes of The Hague and is inspired by my essay Substanzraum, A new approach to global space. The slightly surreal audio walk explains to you the basics of this new conception of space itself. The audio walk is composed with a mixture of synthetic and recorded environmental sounds. These sounds blend with the actual sounds of your surroundings and evoke confusions which eventually emphasise the latter. Narrated text fragments from my essay Substanzraum accompany this geo-located audio walk.

Three ways to do the walk:

1. On request, I am sending out flyers via physical mail,
with information about the work and instructions on how to do it. (only Netherlands) request flyer

2. You can order the large physical folding map on my publications site.
It makes a beautiful gift for a loved one and a great invitation to experience the piece together.

3. Print out the free digital SubstanzWalk Map now.

SubstanzWalk is featured on Stroom Tips for public art and online art you can explore during the lookdown, and on Walk Listen Create - the home for walking artist as well as Sound Walk September:

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