A Collage of Subtle Feelings

Nightingale (studio view)

tree branch, microphone, speaker, audio-wire, amplifier, framed photograph, mirror, granite plate, pick-nick blanket (C-Print), safety blanket.
dimensions: ca. 300cm x 300cm x 300cm

In my long-term project “The Architecture of the Forest, the Architecture of the City” I investigate subtle analogies between the two spaces in a poetic manner. This, is a detail of the installation Nightingale, A Collage of Subtle Feelings. Through photographs, sound, natural and artificial elements, I explore an intuit feeling, which I suspect leads to a connection between the city, architecture, scripture, and the forest. The installation organically responded to the presence of the visitors by the feed-backing of a speaker, depending on their position in the space. What we often forget while looking at nature, is, that nature looks back at us. Thus, the installation resembles it as an entity which response in a range from polite warning to aggression by being loud or subtle. What triggers the installation remains uncertain for the visitors. However, it is clearly tied to their presence in that space.