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They Told Us A Thousand Times
Epilogue to Substanzraum

Alexander Johannes Heil

They Told Us A Thousand Times
Epilogue to Substanzraum
29.7 cm x 21 x 5cm


'They Told Us A Thousand Times' is a publication as artwork. It addresses the method of learning by repetition and questions its effectiveness concerning our experience of the global space as one borderless entity.

The publication comprises 1000 copies of the iconic Earthrise photograph taken by astronaut William Alison Anders during the Apollo 8 mission 1966. Till today, it is the most famous and one of the most published pictures of the earth as a whole.

Nevertheless, like at school, when you had to write the same sentence over and over again to internalize its correct spelling, the method of forced repetition can create the most negative response, namely a monotonous indifference towards the inherent message of that very sentence.

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