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The First Hour Of 2021
In a nature park in Northern Germany

"I like to imagine, how every year a tidal wave travels around the globe, flooding the atmosphere with light and sound, washing away the worries and concerns of the passing year. However, there lies a certain contradiction in the idea of celebrating a new cycle of life, by disrupting all non-human life. And yet, the gesture of the grass straws, where the recorder was placed, visually resemble the gesture of the soaring fireworks. A beautiful example of how multilayered the reality of our world can present itself."

Alexander J. Heil, 2021

Alexander Johannes Heil
The First Hour Of 2021
The spot where the recorder was placed
digital photography
various dimensions (4:3)

Alexander Johannes Heil
The First Hour Of 2021
In A Nature Park In Northern Germany
4-Ch. field-recording (here stereo mix9
01:00:00 min.

The work consists of a 4-channel field-recording, capturing the first hour of the year 2021 from a field amidst a nature park in the north of Germany and a photograph of the spot where the recorder was placed.

{This version here is mixed for stereo playback}

instructions for listening:
• use headphones (noise cancelling ones are probably best, I don't have them either :)
• you might want to set your volume to loudest.  
• find a comfortable position
• relax

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