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Singing Sculpture
A Silent Instrument

The Singing Sculpture is inspired by shapes observed on the beach. Trees, shaped over time, bent in wide gestures and constantly moved by the ocean winds. Its formal expression suggests musicality and produces expectations for certain sound qualities or tonal characteristics. Yet, the Singing Sculpture is a silent instrument. I like to play with the interdisciplinary, the synesthetic and the translations from one medium to another. Eventually, the gently swinging sculpture is moving the air and isn’t this what sound is, moving air?

Initiated Form

digital photomontage
various dimensions

Beyond the dunes, a small seedling was dropped some 10, maybe 20 years ago. With its tiny roots, it managed to hold on to the sandy ground. Eventually, its sprout stretched out of the sand and grew. With its three tiny leaves, the little plant is dangling in the ocean winds. It is growing and growing, dangling and dangling, hardening and hardening, bending and bending. In one direction; in the other direction. But foremost in the other direction. 20 years later, the tiny little sprout became a tree, and its shape exhibits the predominant wind direction at this location.

Singing Sculpture

brass tube, medium-density fibre-board (MDF)
ca. 200cm x 200cm x 100cm

the opened pedestal

medium-density fibre-board (MDF)


brass, wood
60 cm x 10cm x 40cm

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