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SubstanzWalk Map
Geo Located Audio Walk in The Hague, The Netherlands

Alexander Johannes Heil
SubstanzWalk - Introduction to Substanzraum

Ink jet on paper
11,5 x 11,5 cm
(27,5 x 46 cm unfolded)

Geo-located Audio Walk
Accessible via smart phone app
Location: Westduinpark, The Hague, The Netherlands
Narration: Mabel Calvert Verbruggen
Duration: ca. 45min

SubstanzWalk Map is a large physical folding map designed for my geo-located audio walk situated in the dunes of Den Haag. The map provides all the information you need to do the walk: instructions, preparations, and of course the route.

It makes a beautiful gift for a loved one and a great invitation to experience the piece together.

Since the walk creates a cinematic emphasised experience of the space at the beach and in the dunes,  the cover is grainy and mysterious. It is made of a stronger paper whereas, a more delicate paper with an interesting haptic is used for the map part.

The audio walk is composed with a mixture of synthetic and recorded environmental sounds. These sounds blend with the actual sounds of your surroundings and evoke confusions which eventually emphasise the latter. Narrated text fragments from my essay Substanzraum accompany this geo-located audio walk.

• You can request a map for 15€ via and contribute to the donation system of the whole project.

If you rather do the purely digital, but free version of the walk please click here.

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