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Planetary Synchronicity
Interventions on a Global Scale

Planetary Synchronicity is an ongoing series of experimental collaborative works or interventions coordinated on a global scale. With this work Alexander aims to explore ways for a better understanding of the global space as one borderless entity. The project is inspired by the phenomena of simultaneity and synchronicity and the simple fact that everything which happens now, happens at the same time, on the same planet, in the same global space, which he calls Substanzraum - the space of substance. We are all living inside one giant global space. By coordinating synchronized artistic actions around the globe and blending them together, Alexander hopes to created a more internalized awareness of "Globality" through the experience of an event in time and space, rather then an purely intellectual understanding of a conceptual fact in ones mind.

Planetary Synchronicity I: meet me half way

Planetary Synchronicity II: artists in residences

Planetary Synchronicity I
Meet me half way
In collaboration with Luis Alonso Sanchez

In this synchronized event, Alexander and Luis agreed on each lighting a rocket at the beach at the exact time when the terminator (that is the line which devides day and night) hits Buchans Junction, a settlement with only a hand full of dwellings in Newfoundland, which the both artists determined as aproximately half way between their two locations The Hague, The Netherlands and Tijuana, Mexico. The preparations, buildup and climax of the event taking place were shared instantly by Alexander via instagram stories.

"Throughout history, space has been undergoing a process of ever more detailed “gridisation”, even the 4-dimensional timespace. Every point in space-time is potentially accessible. Nowadays, communication technologies enable us to act on a scale of global timespace with nearly no limitations through physical borders and beyond the reach of biopower or biopolitics. This state of fact created through technology might be a precursor of a transgression, a leaking discharge of liberating subtle locomotions into global space, causing its fluidity to become as experienceable for us, as it truly is."

Alexander Johannes Heil
March, 2020

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