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Graduation Show 2020
Substanzraum, Space of Substance

"Once the object presents itself as a complex of relationships,
one must grasp it by a variety of methods."

Gaston Bachelard, The New Scientific Spirit

For the graduation show 2020 at the Royal Academy of Art The Hague, I curated a selection of works of mine from various media, to communicate my notion of Substanzraum, the space of substance, to the visitor.

Installation view room 1
front: Tidal Oscillation Wave
wall: A Slice Of Global Space
back: Propagation Of Space  

My practice is defined by site specific performances and interventions, which refer to the global space, which I consider as one entity without any borders. I study the things I am interested in by direct observation, often using photography and film as a means of documentation. From my observations and theoretical research about space, ideas arise, which I transform into actual formal expression, resulting in artistic artifacts of any media, and often manifest in what I call a theory-based-immediate-reaction towards a given space. With my work I am exploring how we could experience space as such.

Propagation Of Space, 2029
Performative spatial intervention
time: now and then

Propagation of Space was a performative intervention during the graduation show 2020 at the Royal Academy of Art The Hague. A "messenger from the future" was handing out flyers to visitors, propagating space as a borderless entity.
This work was inspired by the research by Gabriel A. Radvansky, Sabine A. Krawietz, and Andrea K. Tamplin. Walking through doorways is causing forgetting. Department of Psychology, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN, USA.

Tidal Oscillation Wave

Ink jet print on paper
110cm x 500 cm

Tidal Oscillation Wave is a digital drawing created from data, which I collected during my project Going to the Beach as Artistic Research Practice (fall 2019). Over the course of 3 months, I went to the beach every day, visiting the same location, measuring air humidity, pressure and density, decibel, light, temperature, wind speed and direction, counted people and steps to the shore, and documented the intensity of the rain. The data was always collected at the borderline between land, ocean, and atmosphere. It is a true representation of my spatial concept of Substanzraum, the space of substance, and not meant to be read literally but generally, as it depicts space as it is, in constant flux and change.

A Slice Of Global Space

2:28 min. on loop

A Slice of Global Space is an abstract rendering of the Westduinpark at the beach of The Hague, a cut out piece from the greater global space, which I consider as one space without any borders. In my work I often use smaller spaces (interior and exterior alike) to refer to the bigger global space. The Westduinpark is the physical space of my geo-located audio walk SubstanzWalk, Introduction to Substanzraum.

Thrown In Various Random Directions

Installation with screens and speakers, sound piece composed of generated environmental sounds, field recordings and voice.
45min. on loop

"A thunderstorm is approaching from afar, saturating the atmosphere with moisture, making it soft and wet. Clouds are hanging low and the sun is about to go. Light-waves arriving from million miles away diving into this massive liquid body, scattering, thrown in various random directions, embracing your world with deep purple."

Thrown In Various Random Directions was a quadro-phonic, spatial, walk-in installation created for the KABK Graduation Show 2020. The speakers were directed towards the walls in a way that they reflected and scattered the sound throughout the room, making it hard to locate the individual sources. The scattering of the sound was used as an analogy to the scattering of light before or after major storms, an atmospheric effect which makes the sky appear purple to the human eye.
The sound piece derived from my thesis Substanzraum, A new Approach To Global Space and was further developped into my geo-located audio walk - SubstanzWalk, Introduction to Substanzraum -  in the Westduinpark at the beach of The Hague.

Photography: Charlotte Brand

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